Power Suit Social

Power Suit Social - vending machine.jpg

Vending machines could have replaced waiters & waitresses, but they didn’t - turns out we prefer humans serving our food. Yes, the world is changing seismically in 2018: automation, client in-housing, consultancies buying creative agencies. But we need to look past the scaremongering headlines and have a grown up conversation about our future. And that’s what Power Suit Social is for.

Power Suit Social is a network created by digital marketer Lauren Ingram that aims to keep creativity viable in uncertain times, hosting events with a roster of kickass speakers from big name creative brands to talk about our future. Looking at the parallels with the uncertain times of the early 1980s - surely we need big hair and shoulder pads to get ourselves out of this mess.


Vending machine icon made by Nikita Golubev via Flaticon licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0